The Greater Madera County Industrial Association's mission is to provide a centralized means for promoting common industrial and manufacturing interests through review, interpretation, and representation on all issues affecting greater Madera County.

For more information about GMCIA please contact:

Lois Leonard
Phone: 559-675-7768
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • logoads Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

    1025 Commerce Drive
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 559-674-4989
    Fax 559-673-7560

    Polyethylene pipe manufacturer
  • logo-arp American River Packaging, Inc.

    401 So. Granada
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 559-662-1910
    Fax 559-662-0808

    Manufacturer of corrugated packaging
    Distributor of packaging supplies
    Fulfillment services
    Logistics services
  • logo-aztecaAzteca Milling

    23865 Ave. 18
    Madera CA 93639

    Manufacturer of corn based products
  • logobacBaltimore Aircoil Company, Inc.

    HQ: P.O. Box 7322
    Baltimore, MD 21227
    Local Address: 15341 Road 28½
    Madera, CA 93638
    Telephone (410) 799-6200
    Fax (410) 799-6416

    Manufacturer of evaporative cooling and heat transfer equipment
    Cooling towers
    Closed circuit cooling towers
    Evaporative condensers
    Ice thermal storage units
  • BKwQUALGoodTreeB-K Lighting

    40429 Brickyard Drive
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 559-438-5800
    Fax 559-438-5900

    Indoor lighting
    Outdoor lighting
  • logo-constelConstellation Wines Mission Bell Winery

    Physical Address: 12667 Road 24
    Madera, CA 93638
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 93639
    Madera, CA 93639
    Telephone 559-673-7071
    Fax 559-673-6452
    Paul Masson Wine Group
    22004 Road 24
    Madera, CA 93638
    Telephone 559-673-5961
    Fax 559-673-8280

    Manufacturer of wines and concentrates
  • logocarrisCarris Reels of California, Inc.

    Physical Address: 2100 W. Almond Avenue
    Madera, CA 93637
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 88
    Madera, CA 93639
    Telephone 559-674-0804
    Fax 559-674-1614

    Manufacturer & supplier of reels and spools for the wire/cable industries
    Nailed wood reels
    Plywood reels Plastic spools
    Tin Spools
  • logo-chruchChurch & Dwight Co., Inc.

    31266 Avenue 12
    Madera, CA 93638
    Telephone 559-661-2793
    Fax 559-661-2794

    Mfg. cattle feed supplement
  • logo-cbColor Box

    1275 South Granada Drive
    Madera CA 93637
    (559) 675-5345

    Manufacturer of high-end graphic corrugated boxes
  • logoeuroEurodrip

    1850 W. Almond Ave
    Madera CA 93637
    (559) 673-9100

    Manufacturer of drip irrigation line
  • logoevapcoEvapco West

    Physical Address: 1900 W. Almond Avenue
    Madera, CA 93637
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 959
    Madera, CA 93639
    Telephone 559-673-2207
    Fax 559-673-2378

    Manufacturer of HVAC & industrial cooling equipment
    Cooling towers
    Closed circuit coolers
    Evaporative condensers
  • logoflorestoneFlorestone Products Co., Inc.

    2851 Falcon Drive
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 559-661-4171
    Fax 559-661-2070

    Manufacturer of shower and bath products
  • logogpGeorgia-Pacific Corporation

    24600 Avenue 13
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 559-673-5111
    Fax 559-673-6207

    Manufacturer of corrugated paper products for agriculture and industry
  • logoirm Innovative Rotational Molding Inc.

    2300 W. Pecan Ave.
    Madera CA 93637
    (559) 673-4764

    Manufacturer of storage tanks
  • JBT FoodTech JBT FoodTech

    2300 Industrial Avenue
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 559-661-3200
    Fax 559-673-4913

    Manufacturer of food processing systems
    Manufacturer of preservation systems
    Manufacturer of peeling/coring systems
    Manufacturer of harvesting equipment
  • Moore Quality Galvanizing

    Physical Address: 3001 Falcon Drive
    Madera, CA 93637
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 420
    Madera, CA 93639
    Telephone 559-673-2822
    Fax 559-674-8331

    Galvanizing of iron, steel, or end-formed products
  • logoocastleOldcastle Precast Enclosure Solutions

    801 S. Pine Street
    Madera CA 93637
    Phone: (559) 675-1813

    Manufacturer of concrete enclosures
  • logopurlsPurl's Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning

    232 South Schnoor Ave.
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 559-674-2774
    Fax 559-674-7015

    Custom manufacturer of sheet metal products
    HVAC contractor
  • logoqualityQuality Container Company

    1002 Commerce Drive
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 559-673-2730

    Manufacturer of composite cans
  • logo-airSealed Air Corporation

    1835 W. Almond Avenue
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 559-675-0152
    Fax 559-675-0436

    Manufacturer of foam and packaging products
  • logostarStar Finishes

    40455 Brickyard Drive #101
    Madera CA 93638
    (559) 261-1076

    Metal Finishing/Powder Coating
  • logo-tpiThomas Products, Inc.

    2140 W. Industrial Avenue
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 559-661-6161
    Fax 559-661-6160

    Manufacturer of micro ingredients for food, pharmaceutical and animal feed
  • logousrackUS Racks

    2850 Falcon Drive
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 888-877-2257

  • logowar Warnock Food Products, Inc.

    20237 Masa Street
    Madera, CA 93637
    Telephone 559-661-4845
    Fax 559-661-4807

    Quality oriented manufacturer of fried and multi grain products for the Mexican, snack food and health food industries
    Producer of chips, taco shells, tostada shells and tostada bowls

Top 3 Reasons To Choose Madera County

  • Low cost of living means your business can grow and flourish.
  • Madera County is located in the center of California so reaching major cities is an easy 3-hour drive.
  • Madera County is focused on business attraction & retention so expect a streamlineD permitting process.

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